Clauson Law Firm, LLC


Attorney Vaughn Clauson was certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a specialist in Social Security Disability Law in 2006, when the specialty was created.

Flourish Fitness


Nashville areas go-to personal trainer, Mary Tullis creates customized workouts and weight management programs for a private mogul-to-mom-type clientele.

Achillian Graphics Company :: Master Index


The Achillian Graphics Company :: Master Index & Wire Service is the illustration and design work of Mark McLawhorn.

doughboy :: Economical Quarterly


At the dawn of the 20th century, newspaper comics began as monoliths of design, taking up entire pages of Sunday sections and demanding attention. The beginning of the 21st century saw newspaper comics all but neutered, their formidable stature now relegated to tiny crevices and afterthoughts.

This is an attempt in reinventing the newspaper comic strip into something new, yet obviously familiar.

doughboy :: Tiepolo Diptych


Heavily inspired by the works of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, this diptych is the marriage of the Baroque style with tools and sentiment rooted in 21st century technological palette of machine-aided design.

Even though the final illustration was created inside of a computer and then printed on Kodak Ektacolor paper, all images were first drawn and hypothesized in simple sketchbook format.

Please feel free to examine these sketches and enjoy the free desktop wallpapers and other treats found within this electronic page.

Greenworks :: Energy Solutions


Greenworks Energy Solutions was founded to bring leading edge technology from around the world to help businesses reduce their energy consumption, lower operating costs, reduce maintenance and downtime costs and cut carbon emissions.

Marcus E. Hill – Attorney at Law

Marcus E. Hill was born in Asheville North Carolina to G. Edison Hill and Helen Hill. Edison is an attorney in Asheville. Helen hung the moon. Marcus graduated from UNC in 1978 and UNC Law School in 1983.

He then practiced with Clayton, Myrick and Bryant, Patterson. Marcus is now a sole practitioner and specializes in criminal, traffic, and personal injury. He has given many seminars to attorneys in his areas of expertise. He has been in practice for over 20 years.

Marcus E. Hill

Achillian Graphics Company :: Stock Portfolio

Over the years, in crafting stories and illustrations for my comic “doughboy,” I’ve found that some of the sketches and collages from my sketchbooks are probably more aesthetically interesting than any of the final production work.

Please feel free to thumb through a sampling of these pages.

Very little of it will probably make any actual narrative sense, but I figured ‘d put it out there for people to look at anyhow.

Wolfpack Cartoons

Every Friday since the late 90′s, during the normal school calendar year, I draw an editorial illustration for Technician. Technician is North Carolina State University’s student-run newspaper since 1920.

This is a site that collects the editorial illustrations dedicated to Wolfpack Athletics.

doughboy :: Kill Devil Hills :: Chapters 1-8

Fed up with crowded beaches, Oskar, Chalkhydri and Matajuro decide to travel back to 1709 Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

The quiet stretch of beachfront property soon becomes full of ruckus as a group of unwanted guests arrive on the shore and decide to pay an unexpected visit to our fair vacationers’ time-share cabin.

Join the adventure!